Waste Collection


Waste Collection & Recycling Services

We offer our clients a myriad of waste collection and recycling solutions including bulky refuse


Site Cleaning (Manual or with Machinery)

Whether you’re building a new property or you would like to clean out an existent one, we at JM Skip Hire can help 


Mobile Paper Shredding

Through this service, you will be able to get rid of any office or personal documents that contain sensitive data and other information


Scrap Metal Collection

We collect a number of scrap metals, mainly aluminium, copper, brass, iron and other metals which you want to be rid of in no time


Extra large, Large & Mini Skip Hire

Through us, you can hire a range of different sized skips that can take a mix of domestic and construction waste.


Skips with Side Doors

These skips are the ideal choice for anyone who is looking to dispose of a number of bulky items


Closed & Leak Proof Skips

These skips are ideal for anyone who is looking to transport any material which might leak out sludge


Hi-Up Service

Reach up to those uncomfortable or difficult to reach spaces. Ideal for facade renovation, restoration, painting and tree cutting.


Hookloader Hire

Through our company, you will be able to get your hands on a number of hook loaders ideal for a safe and secure waste transfer to a designated facility.


20ft Container Hire

Through us, you can rent out a range of durable containers that will help you transport any unwanted waste including construction waste


Bulk Tippers

These trucks come with a rear platform that can be raised or adjusted in accordance with your needs. Ideal for anyone who is looking to move bulky furniture. 


Bulky Refuse

We can get you rid of any unwanted bulky items such as kitchens, furnishings, sofas, large bins and organic waste in a secure, efficient and quick manner.


Load & Wait Service

This service is used in conjunction with skip or van hire. Thanks to this, you will be able to have one of our designated team members to help you load and transport waste.


Mini Tipper Vans

These heavy-duty vehicles are ideal for carrying a number of items including construction site materials such as crushed rock, sand, aggregate, bulky materials, concrete blocks and more. 


Recycling Bailers for Hire

We can supply you with a selection of recycling balers that are ideal for both commercial and industrial use. These machines are best used in factories and other settings.